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Todor G. Todorov telecineoffice
Mon May 19 18:27:43 BST 2003

Hello everybody,


I need a bit of advice re 3 perf transfers


We are about to start a NTSC project involving 3 perf and 4 perf footage transfers at the same time.

(I guess that should mean something like two cameras shooting 3 perf and three other cameras shooting 4 perf)

Has anybody encountered this kind of mixture? 


Our facility runs a Quadra Vision packed with Aaton Keylink UCR v. 8.80 - both are 3 perf capable.


I'm looking for any advice or warning about any potential problems that I should be looking for.

I checked TIG archives and found a lot of info on 3perf, but nothing about mixing 3 with 4 perfs footage in one single project.


Supposedly, the customers will be doing HD secondary transfers in US. 


I'll appreciate any feedback regarding this issue


Todor G. Todorov



Boyana Film Studios

+359 2 958 1201


telecine at boyanafilm.bg

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