[Tig] Color corrector

Steve Hullfish steve.hullfish
Thu May 22 20:34:14 BST 2003

In light of the recent discussions on color correction in NLEs, how about that for a solution? Symphony, DS, Smoke?

Erik Utter wrote:

> Jeff Heusser supports the tig.
> I have a project that will require basic color correction but is not well
> suited to our daVinci room.  We need to adjust luma without affecting
> chroma, so it will require more than basic proc amp controls.  Obviously the
> daVinci can do this, but it is really overkill and falls outside of the
> budget on this project.
> I have looked at the Videotek SDC-101, but I can't really tell if it will
> work for us.  I also think a Sony DME-7000 can do the job, but would rather
> not buy a new DME.  Any ideas?
> Erik Utter
> Flying Spot - Seattle
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