[Tig] FSR UDC Colorimeter

Frederick Johnson fjohnson
Fri May 30 03:24:03 BST 2003

Does anyone have any practical experience with the FSR "Universal Display
It is a tri-stimulus colorimeter that works through the serial port on a
laptop, providing a relatively easy to use interface. The product is no
longer sold or supported by FSR, and no one seems to know anything about it.
There are several different "profiles" that came with the software for use
with different types of monitors or projectors, as well as different color
temp profiles. I have heard there are others available, and that people can
share their own user profiles- has anyone heard of this/these?
I have acquired this system recently and have used it several times with
reasonable results, but I have difficulty trusting the tool for setting up
"critical viewing" monitors because the pickup device (and serial port
itself) is analog. Won't different serial ports have slightly different
voltage output and resistance (termination) causing "slightly" different
readings from the sensor? I tested my theory using several different laptops
on the same monitor, and sure enough- slightly different readings from each
laptop. The discrepancy is subtle enough to use the system for a rough setup
(I've measured greater discrepancies from the factory probes on my Ikegami
and Sony monitors), and the readings are consistent with the same laptop, so
it is useful if all you need to do is match one display to another. 
My next step is to calibrate the unit to a "known good" colorimeter, and I
am seeking advice in this area as well. 
Thanks in advance for any user experiences (good/bad) or advice that may be
out there!

Frederick Johnson.  
Cloud Systems, Inc


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