[tig] Vertical banding in HD

Dave Corbitt dcorbitt
Tue Sep 30 16:01:36 BST 2003

At 05:29 AM 9/30/2003, Martin Parsons wrote:
>Stuart Monksfield wrote:
> > This was from one of our Vialta telecines, which as most people
> > know is the only CCD machine to truly capture in HD at 444.
>Should read "was the only CCD machine to truly capture in HD at 444"
>The Spirit4k captures SD/HD/Data all at 4:4:4 too.
>        Martin Parsons

Let's not forget Cintel's C-Reality and DSX. Although not CCD, they have 
been capturing SD, HD, and DATA at 4:4:4 up to 4K for some time now!! And 
of course ITK's Millennium ditto (now a Cintel product). And what of the 
Northlight? Now that is a CCD machine, although technically not a telecine, 
but a film scanner capable of high res 4:4:4 scans. But then, GV/Thomson's 
Spirit 4K is not really a telecine either but a film scanner. By telecine, 
I mean a film scanning machine capable of real time scanning at whatever 
res demanded.


Dave Corbitt
Post Logic NY 
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