[tig] Rank MKIII Technical Problems

lunarfilms lunarfilms
Tue Sep 30 18:00:38 BST 2003


What a great list.

Dave, I ended up switching one of the boards for the green channel last 
night (Neg gain) and i think it solved the problem. The Unimedia machine 
has also had the lift after gamma mod (and many others). I opened the cell 
box and I have new in the box spare PEC's which came with the Unimedia 
which I am going to install in the Dubner machine (I think the cell's are 
rather old).

Also I have the Metaspeed Field timebase card temporarily installed in the 
Dubner Machine because it solves another problem. This card is somehow not 
compatible with the dubner (EHT will fire from the control panel but not 
stay lit) I have 3 other cards one of which is the Unimedia XY-Zoom card 
which seems to be most modern. I want to try to get this card repaired 
(needs a few IC's) is it compatible with Dubner?



Robert Houllahan
lunarfilms at mindspring.com
PH.  401 499 6411
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