[tig] Digital Intermediate Films database

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Sep 30 22:26:26 BST 2003

Maintaining and updating TIG are usually enjoyable tasks.
We recently spent a lot of time, between Dave Tosh in Los
Angeles, Warren at the Cutting Edge in Brisbane, and me in
S?o Paulo, presenting for the TIG a community-editable table
of films that have used a Digital Intermediate process.  

Unfortunately the work put into it has been criticized
harshly and an insistence made that we correct some
information, with accusations that the authors acted with
extraordinary ego, naivety, and cynicism.  An additional
insistence was made that we include new classifications of
Supervising Digital Colourist, Lead Digital Colourist,
Digital Colourist, and Colourist Assistant.

We would like to ask the community for more input in the
classifications classification, or perhaps in the Digital
Classifications Category, as apart from the Analogue
Classifications classifications, which we could suppose are
being superceded by these new, clearer and succinct egoless

and lastly, what fun it is to maintain the TIG!  :]  
(we only ask that humor be shared.)

--Rob Lingelbach
TIG coadmin, founder, unix, lead digital consultant

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