[tig] A Farewell from OPTIONS Int'l.

Tue Sep 2 23:33:40 BST 2003

Rather than to rely on rumors, we wanted to directly advise the status of our 

It is with profound sadness to announce that OPTIONS International, Inc. is 
now officially closed.  This is, without a doubt, the most painful experience 
we have ever had in our careers.  

We understand and respect that to a few, in the overall spectrum, regretfully 
there will  be unresolved issues with OPTIONS.  To those, please know that it 
was never our intention to take liberties, or mess over, anyone.  Not that it 
is any consolation; but, we pursued (both personally and professionally) 
everything within our reach and relinquished every possible means to pull our 
company through this difficult economic slump. Unfortunately, we were not 
successful in our efforts.  Please know that we are not looking for pity or sympathy.  
Instead, we are just trying to explain that we gave it our all until we had 
no where else to turn other than to declare OPTIONS Int'l. insolvent.

We want to acknowledge our deepest gratitude to Ken Chambliss (Steadi-Film 
Corp./VTA) for having enough faith in us to extend to OPTIONS our first major, 
highly respected product-line to distribute back in January, '90.  This was 
soon followed by to Neil Feldman (Video Post), Dave Walker (DAV), Stuart/Barbara 
Gray (DGS), Willi Kirst (VTK) and Richard Collenette who also allowed us to 
offer their products to the masses... giving us a strong foundation to build on. 
  We are also extremely appreciative to Neil Kempt (da Vinci) for graciously 
sharing his industry knowledge and expertise with us in the early days of 
OPTIONS and to Dick Hobbs for somehow always finding very kind comments to make 
about our company within his various trade magazine articles.   

We were extremely fortunate to work in an industry that not only has some of 
the brightest group of professionals to be found anywhere; but, that also 
includes such a vast amount of caring and compassionate people.  So many of you 
(and we hope you know who you are) throughout the years have become more than 
business associates... you have become our treasured friends and we will always 
greatly value those friendships.  To the countless list of our other industry 
peers and clients....  our heartfelt gratitude to you for your support over 
the 13 plus years that OPTIONS has been in existence.  We know without you none 
of the successes our company may have achieved would have been possible.

We want to also thank Rob, with the assistance of Rich Torpey, for always 
being so receptive to our requests pertaining to the TIG.  As you know, the TIG 
is a very valuable tool and one of the limited sources that helps to keep our 
industry connected.  Along those lines, we hope someone will carry on with the 
NAB Telecine Fun Nights, which OPTIONS started 8 years ago (NAB '96)... as 
well as coordinating The Tweaker (at the suggestion of Bill Topazio) and LifeTime 
Achievement awards to honor those that otherwise may not get the industry 
recognition from their peers that they so well deserve.

For the majority of you, our paths will probably never cross again.  We will 
miss you immensely; but, please know that you will always be in our hearts. We 
have so many wonderful memories that we will carry with us throughout our 

It is our utmost wish that your world will be filled with happiness, health 
and prosperity.

For the last time, on behalf of OPTIONS...

All the very best,
Donna and Peter

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