[tig] IBC eCinema

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Tue Sep 2 23:25:19 BST 2003

I would like to let everyone know that I'll be exhibiting at IBC, booth #712
in hall 7, right across the isle from Apple Computers.  I will be showing an
interesting and cost-effetive HD monitoring solution, the EDP100.  Please
see www.ecinemasys.com for more info.

On a related matter.  We will be playing back HDCAM tapes into the EDP100
for display on the 23 inch Apple HD Cinema Displays.  While I have material
to show, I thought I'd open the doors to anyone who'd like to provide
additional material to showcase at the booth.  Colorist, artist or facility
demo tapes are fine.  If I can help anyone get some exposure I'd be happy to
do so.

The requirements/conditions are simple:

 1- HDCAM tapes only.
 2- I haven't yet decided if there will be audio playback.
 3- Tapes of any length.
 4- You must be able to provide us with clearance to exhibit the tape/s
 5- The tape/s will not be returned.  Don't send originals.  I simply don't
have the resources to guard and track down dozens of tapes in the context of
a trade show.
 6- There will be no guarantee that your tape will be played.
 7- I reserve the right to reject material that I may object to.

If interested, please contact me off list.

I hope to see some of you at IBC.


Martin Euredjian
eCinema Systems, Inc.
voice: 661-305-9320
fax: 661-775-4876
martin at ecinemasys.com
ecinema at ieee.org

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