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Wed Sep 3 14:53:35 BST 2003


Has anyone else experienced difficulties obtaining satisfactory support from
the telephone technical service system at Thomson/Grass Valley?  We had
a severe situation here where response time was not what we expected from
of our expected industry leaders.  Not to bore you with all the details.
I feel the following facts show a different type of service from that which
have been accustomed to with other companies in the industry and in the

1)The person who answered the initial phone call had no idea what a Spirit
was and wanted to know if this was an emergency (!).
2) It took 2 hours 15 minutes from the time of the initial phone call to
the support message center until a service engineer responded.
3) An incorrect part was shipped due to a mismatch of labels on the
outside of a box to the contents inside.
4) One phone call resulted in being put on hold by the automatic
attendant for 45 minutes with no response.  
5) Another phone call resulted in being put on hold by the automatic
attendant for 2 hours 30 minutes with no response.

Despite the above I would like to commend the efforts of the on call
Service Engineer, over the holiday weekend, Carl Van Camp.  His speed of
response, depth of knowledge, diagnostics skills and willingness to go
the extra mile proved invaluable in resolving a complex problem with the
Spirit.  His past recognition by the TIG (Tweeker Award) is well deserved.

In conclusion, I am not trying to point fingers at any one person, but
rather I am expressing grave concern and disappointment in the way in which
this situation was handled by a system that does not appear to be able to
effect a
response in a timely manner. 

If anyone has any comments please feel free to respond on or off the list.

Chris Loy
Chief Engineer
Video Post & Transfer
Dallas, Texas
chrisl at videopost.com <mailto:chrisl at videopost.com>  

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