[tig] A Farewell from OPTIONS Int'l.

Craig Leffel craig
Thu Sep 4 20:28:07 BST 2003

Quoting Rob Lingelbach <rob at calarts.edu>:

 Along those lines, we hope someone will carry on with the
> > NAB Telecine Fun Nights, which OPTIONS started 8 years ago
> > (NAB '96)... as well as coordinating The Tweaker (at the
> > suggestion of Bill Topazio) and LifeTime Achievement awards
> > to honor those that otherwise may not get the industry
> > recognition from their peers that they so well deserve.
> maybe BT was already thinking along these lines.. what about
> we call the tweaker award something like the ?tweaker
> optional award?.  

Hello all.

I was going to write a note about great I think Carl VanCamp is, his depth of 
knowledge, and how he is one of the most valuable people in the industry - whom 
I fortunately live somewhere near. He is an invaluable resource, and he 
actually cares about how the pictures look from an aesthetic point of view... 
not just a technical one. As I was thinking about writing a gushing email like 
that, I started to realize that because of people like Carl, I have led a 
better life both professionally and personally. With their support, I've been 
able to go home at a decent hour, satisfy freaked out clients, and sometimes 
come up with visual scenarios no one including me expected to see on the 
monitor... and everyone lives happily ever after. Right about that time, I saw 
the posting about Options. That hit me really hard. They were a huge part of my 
professional life during the years I worked on Cintel products and I'm sure a 
part of many many of your lives.... 

So the moral of the story as far as I'm concerned is that people should be 
THANKED. Since Carl has already won the prestigious "tweaker" award, I suggest 
right now that Donna ( Peter too? )  win it at NAB. Not only that, all of us 
that have ever crossed their path should pony up some cash and buy a plane 
ticket. She mentions that she may never see any of us again, but why the hell 
not one last hurrah? at least a moment to thank her for the service, 
dedication, and kindness she showed many of us over the years. If you all end 
up thinking I'm too damn sweet, idealistic, nostalgic, or naive -- I'll buy the 
ticket myself. I'm saying it here and now. Think about it comrades. You know 
how the interaction with Options over the years affected your lives... and for 
those of you who lament every day that you can't  "get in and tweak" a Spirit 
like you used to be able to on a Rank -- you should thank Options for every 
moment you had to be on your knees adjusting a festival board, digital 
deflection, or anything else they sold. If you're thinking we should thank all 
the inventors and garage tweakers who invented these products - you're right. 
Consider this though, where else in our industry has a marketing company 
brought access to niche products the way Options did? Where else is there a 
symbiotic relationship between inventor and the masses? How long did it take 
certain of our manufacturer friends to learn how to play together in the sand? 
let alone help each other? Options, for me, represented all that is good, and 
true Capitalistic Altruism. Of course they were looking to make a profit, which 
sadly did not happen enough .... but they also had good intentions - and I 
can't tell you how much that means to me.

Donna and Peter - 

I wish you nothing but prosperity and happiness for the rest of your lives ... 
wherever they may lead. Thank you for everything you've ever done for any of 
the companies I've been involved with. I am the better for it, and so were the 
companies I worked for.

Stepping of nostalgic soapbox now. Back to the grumpier crabby me.


Craig Leffel

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