[tig] A Farewell from OPTIONS Int'l.

Graham Collett grahamcollett
Thu Sep 4 21:33:39 BST 2003

i agree with Craig,
                              for all Options have done for us all over ther
years, maybe Rob could come up with a way of seperating TIG donations ..
that are well deserved and should be more forthcoming from post houses and
manufacturers,   and a beneficiary fund  to get Donna and Peter to Vegas,
even if it is for one last time. There isn't a person on the tig that hasn't
benefitted from Options over the years even if they dont know it.

A scenario, what you guys outside the "big" places do if Rob decided he
could afford or be bothered to do the tig any more. ??  maybe people like me
would make more money but thats not the point ! Telecine is a world wide
family joined only by the tig, and people like Donna and Peter ... lose that
and you have a digibeta with sprocket holes.

Start the fund Rob and maybe even publish the contributors !


Graham Collett
Sprockets(telecine) Ltd

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