[tig] A Farewell from OPTIONS Int'l.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Sep 4 23:14:02 BST 2003

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 09:33:39PM +0100, Graham Collett wrote:

>                               for all Options have done for us all over ther
> years, maybe Rob could come up with a way of seperating TIG donations ..
> that are well deserved and should be more forthcoming from post houses and
> manufacturers,   and a beneficiary fund  to get Donna and Peter to Vegas,
> even if it is for one last time. There isn't a person on the tig that hasn't
> benefitted from Options over the years even if they dont know it.

this is a great idea Graham and Craig, getting Donna and
Peter to continue at Vegas in some way that pays tribute to
their past work.  If they are into consulting a little with
us on how to get the Fun Night scheduled and everything.. I
know that it is a lot of work.  

> A scenario, what you guys outside the "big" places do if Rob decided he
> could afford or be bothered to do the tig any more. ??  maybe people like me
> would make more money but thats not the point ! 

you?re saying Graham that you?d make more money if I dropped
the TIG?  would you then be able to make a contribution to
it, so that I could start it again?  would be sort of a
digital interpretation of reality, if the frequency were
high enough.

> Start the fund Rob and maybe even publish the contributors !

I?d be happy to .. i think what Donna suggested would be
great, to have a small board of Fun Night organizers who
would each pick up some of the work, but with a main person
at the head like Bill Topazio, Dave Tosh, Rich Torpey, or
Donna+Peter.  And we can make it a separate Paypal account
for easy contributions.


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