[tig] Digibeta NTSC/PAL Mod

Mike Gibson m_gibson
Thu Sep 11 16:59:34 BST 2003

In reference to the discussions regarding DualDigi's in the TIG archive, 
July 2003, I contacted my former boss, Al Terrell, to get 
clarification/confirmation regarding Sony's policy on these units.  Al is 
the Sony Western Region Field Service Manager.

My question to him was as follows, "There is a discussion going around 
regarding Sony's policy on warranty or
service contract maintenance and/or repairs of Dual DigiBeta's.  It was my 
understanding from when I was with Sony that we would align and/or repair 
the unit in it's native standard only.  If any modified board needed to be 
replaced it was the customers responsibility to remove and reinstall the 
modifications for the non-native standard.  Any input is appreciated."

Al's response, "You are exactly right in your assessment!"

Disclaimer:  I receive no compensation from DualDigi or Sony.

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