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David L. Tosh dlt
Thu Sep 11 17:59:18 BST 2003

Mike Gibson wrote:
>In reference to the discussions regarding DualDigi's in the TIG archive,...

With all the free publicity and testimonials for this product over 
the years, I wonder if they have ever contributed to the TIG's 
financial health?

The volume of messages on the TIG sometimes fluctuates, but I still 
find that this list is the ultimate reference source for directed 
inquiries about our industry. Please consider a contribution (see 
below) comparable to a magazine subscription (or two) if you are an 
individual. If you are employed by a manufacturer or distributor of 
telecine-specific gear, please ask your boss to approve a significant 
contribution in your company's name.

Contributions to the TIG via the link below go directly to the 
long-term support of the service. There is no overhead-- Rob provides 
all support of the TIG out of his own pocket and with the volunteer 
help of friends.


David Tosh
co-administrator of the TIG
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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