[tig] NYC Machinists

Richard Torpey rtorpey
Fri Sep 12 20:32:31 BST 2003

Several folks asked me off-list if I was being sarcastic as they hadn't seen
any on-list responses to my inquiry. Some also said they would be interested
in any recommendations.
As people contacted me off-list I'll honor their preference to not post
publicly but I will pass along excerpts for those also looking for this

Try Etna Tool & Die located downtown on Broome St (& Lafayette?) - highly
I don't know of anyone in the NYC area, but if you need fabrication done and
have Cad or other drawings or pictures, Charlie Boster (909-264-7697) is an
incredible machinist who specializes in short runs at a very reasonable
price.  He has a fully automated CNC milling machine.  I can recommend him
very highly.
Ed Wiemann 516 735-0733 Tell him I said Hi.
I use Ed Wiemann, he has helped me many times and work from him is quality.
He can be reached at 516-735-0733

You can try AF Assoc (or at least this guy):

Vince Polgar
vpolgar at afassoc.com

Again, thanks to all that responded - there is certainly a wealth of
experience here!

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