[tig] IBC

Ken Robinson ken
Thu Sep 18 22:20:49 BST 2003

I am quite surprised that no one has posted anything.
Actually I am not surprised.  I was there for the full
period and by the time I had left I was quite happy
that I wasnt in a position that I had to buy

How many digital intermediate type solutions for
colour correction, either software or hardware based
are there now?

Silicon Color
Q Color
(Which one did I miss??)

The new G5 Mac was there being used to playback 2k
real time for the Silicon Color & 4k with Onyx.

Then came the Scanner problems! Arri's, which was
proved to be 6k with some new test film from the EBU.
This wont be ready until at least NAB.

Film light with Northlight

Spirit 4k


And one other that I never did discover!

Only other comment that I can think of at present was
that the Millenium 2 was looking much better than

OK, over to other people to fill in the gaps, I must
have missed tons of things out!

Ken Robinson

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