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Geoff Boyle geoff
Fri Sep 19 05:37:42 BST 2003

I  posted  on  CML about this but my overwhelming impression was that there
was  almost  no talk about HD as a format for "serious" production and that
the bias was all towards DI finish of film.

Now  this  may well be because I spoke on 2 panels about this :-) but, look
at the kit available now.

I  think  we  are  seeing  a  growth  of  16mm originated DI work that will
continue to grow with the introduction of the next Vision 2 stocks.

Producers are starting to realise that if they do a "global" budget, rather
than in departments, DI is actually cheaper than an optical finish.

This  is why independent low budget films have been the first to go DI, one
person  is  responsible  for  all  the  finance and can clearly see that an
increase in cost in one are can lead to vast savings in others.

I  tried to make the point, using material from Cinesite, DFL & Red, thanks
guys,  that  DI  allowed  you to fix a number of problems that on set would
take  hours or even prevent you from shooting and that it was those savings
that made DI effectively very cheap.

I  think  that  it  was clear that this view is becoming more widely agreed



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