[tig] IBC

Stuart Fyvie stuart.fyvie
Fri Sep 19 09:35:58 BST 2003

I also lost count the amount of colour correctors for DI.
I also went to the D-cinema demo. This was the rolling program
of clips from JVC. Image was initially impressive but lacked punch
in the darker scenes. Clips from Chicago were about 6 frames
out of sync. (kind of important to get right for a musical....)
The Jaguar add, shot on HD looked like 'big video', all the
highlights and shiny bits lacked texture, it looked cheap.

IBC party was a bit of a washout though with Hulk sized bouncers
kicking everyone out at 11.30!
At least it was serving booze, the Apple and Avid party's were soft
drinks only by all accounts.

Ken, you missed the dedicated 8mm scanner that someone was developing.
(can't remember the name) It resembled a Revox reel to reel
tape deck and had continous motion at 640x480 res. Worked out
cheaper than a Spirit/C-reality gate.
Also Edifis had a grading/mastering station for SD/HD.
(I am sure everyone can glean all the info from the web)

Thanks to Martin Greenwood and Graham Collet for a great night out.
(I am still recovering...)

Stuart Fyvie
Resolution TV

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