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>Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 08:25:16 -0700
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>>I'm looking for a Slate Generator solution ...
>Firstly, congratulations on your job. Is this a long term thing or just 
>for the build? I worked for Post Logic for a couple of years but it's a 
>whole different company now.
>I assume you need both a SD and a HD slate generator. It's a common need 
>and I haven't found reasonable solutions for even two standalone devices, yet.
>One of the ways to do it is to pop the simple AJA frame buffer card into a 
>PC and use Power CG
>to render slates. Bob Blanks did this at Technique and shared one frame 
>among several rooms with a tricky network KVM switching thing. I don't 
>remember the details but you could call Howard Thayer at Technique (Bob 
>will be back from IBC next week.) I think there is a bundle that includes 
>an AJA card and a Power CG license (http://www.preco.net is the 
>distributor I talk to on the west coast.)
>This is one of the products that Rich Lyon at Advanced Video Devices
>could provide when his PCI I/O board gets done. The problem is hitting a 
>reasonable price point to match its slate-only status in the food-chain. 
>I'm guessing a HD/SD resolution independent slate generator will have to 
>sell for $6-8K. If the hardware could be shared between several suits, It 
>might fetch up to 10K but that's a difficult "sell."
>I have some experience with the "sell" as I worked on proposals for AVD 
>this summer.
>While at Complete Post, we tried to meet this need with a proposal from 
>Pixel Power. They proposed a special version of their Clarity software on 
>a generic PC with a HD/SD frame buffer card (supplied by us.) They would 
>provide a network client to allow a page rendering form to be sent to the 
>CG software from any network computer. They would not provide any asset 
>control--anyone could over-write the buffer at any time.
>Given the new crop of hardware becoming available, the service should be 
>available from someone, soon. It is within reach of a "roll your own" 
>solution if you have unique needs.
>I have had some preliminary discussions on a really low end CG (less than 
>$1K) with a black box builder out here but we haven't moved on it. This 
>was intended to install in a rack with a HD VTR for really simple overlays.
>David Tosh
><dlt at earthlink.net>

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