[tig] DI films database

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Sep 22 01:29:52 BST 2003

Warren of Cutting Edge in Australia and Dave Tosh of
engineering fame in Los Angeles have collaborated to produce
a database of projects finishing in the Digital Intermediate
form.  The document is currently unfinished and eventually
will be modifiable through a more sophisticated interface;
at this moment it exists as twiki-html and a downloadable
Excel spreadsheet at

modifications probably should be made by Dave as he is the
architect of the twiki table.  Either he or I (both of us
reachable at tig-admin at colorist.org) can start to collate
additions and corrections, and eventually anyone will be
able to (like the WorldTelecines table at
edit it.

--Rob Lingelbach
TIG coadmin-founder, unix admin, colorist

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