[tig] Rank Cintel Mark III experiences

Andreas Wider√łe Andersen awand
Tue Sep 23 09:13:44 BST 2003

Dear list readers,
I was wondering if those of you who have used a Rank Cintel Mark III 
telecine machine could please comment on the following things:

Rank Cintel MarkII:
Reliability: How reliable is this machine in terms of uptime and faults?

Maintenence costs: I've been reading about the CRTs. Are these machines 
really that expensive to operate? Are there other components that must be 
changed regulary? Some people I've talked to tell me they're more reliable 
than most people say. Comments?

Operation: I have close to no experience with these machines. Are there 
things I should take into serious consideration in terms of difficulty/ease 
of operation before buying one?

Output quality: Will it output top SD quality meaning things are more up to 
the colourist than the machine?

Do they require other power input than what's normal in an office building? 
Ie. 220/230v in Norway?

Should I get on of these? Why/Why not?

What are the different versions of the MarkIII and which should I go for if 
I choose a MarkIII?

My budget can get me a well fitted MarkIII with a S8mm gate or a less 
fitted URSA maybe. Pros/Cons between these besides the URSA is newer? I do 
need a S8mm gate though...

Thanks for your time!

Best regards,

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