[tig] Rank Cintel Mark III experiences

Dick Hobbs dick
Tue Sep 23 09:33:09 BST 2003


I am sure you will get a lot of response to your question, especially when
the Americans wake up.

The clincher for me was your saying you have little or no experience. Even
when new, Mk III telecines needed an experienced engineer to keep them
going. There is a huge amount of analogue electronics to align which can
take hours a day.

When Cintel replaced the Mk III with the all-digital Ursa, over 300 routine
adjustments were instantly eliminated. That happened in 1989, incidentally,
so the newest Mk IIIs are now at least 14 years old.

For maintenance and alignment alone, I suspect the decision has to be go for
the Ursa over a Mk III.

But others will want to make different points, I am sure.



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