[tig] Thomson/Grass Valley Support Issues

Pedro Conforti pedroconforti
Tue Sep 23 18:44:02 BST 2003

Hello Tiggers,

Down here in Brazil there is something like that, but I'm not sure if it
would apply to your idea... It's called SIMPLES (simple), and it is a
special registration category for small business.

But only VERY small companies are allowed to pay less taxes and go thru this
little less bureaucratic way... I think things get complicated and (more)
expensive as soon as they grow up a bit.



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on 23.09.03 2:00 PM, Rob Lingelbach at rob at calarts.edu wrote:

> I?ve thought for some time that there should
> be some kind of economic incentive provided by the
> government to allow small, and therefore more responsive and
> flexible, companies to compete with the megacorporations.
> Perhaps there are incentives in countries other than the
> US?.
> Rob Lingelbach
> tig founder, colorist, unix admin

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