[tig] Thomson/Grass Valley Support Issues

jeffh jeffh
Tue Sep 23 19:21:44 BST 2003

"I?ve thought for some time that there should 
be some kind of economic incentive provided by the 
government to allow small, and therefore more responsive and 
flexible, companies to compete with the megacorporations. 
Perhaps there are incentives in countries other than the 

I understand your thought pattern here, I think...
smaller companies that are more "user friendly" gain 
government incentives in order to compete, thereby making
it easier (in a way) on consumers, and forcing the large
corporations to be more flexible and consumer-oriented?

Problem there, is that gets away from one of the basic 
principals of democracy (ugh - I hope I am not starting
a political debate here).  The principal is that of free
enterprise - a corporation gets to run itself how it chooses
without governmental interference (depends on the type of 
corporation and services provided).  So, who gets to decide
whether or not a company, large or small, is meeting pre-
established criteria, and is thereby eligible for said
incentives?  The government?  

I think the answer here is to better educate the people you
hire; you can't expect a receptionist (for example) that you 
have just hired to know everything about the company they have 
just started working for - especially when it is a technically
oriented hands-on-learning field such as this...but you can
teach the person some basic principals about the company's
services, as opposed to simply placing them behind a desk
with a phone on their first day, and saying, "to answer, press
the green button."  Is that really too much to ask?

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