[tig] Rank Cintel Mark III experiences

Craig Nichols craig_nichols
Tue Sep 23 19:37:39 BST 2003

I would concur with David Tosh's choice of an Ursa
Diamond.  I would also suggest having either Scan'dl,
or Clrview for alias reduction. Also, if S8mm is
important to you, some machines have been tweaked so
the compliance arms have more than 680 grams tension,
and this tends to impact S8mm performance. Also, if
you are buying a used S8mm gate, the gate coding plug
on the Mark III is wired different from the Ursa.  If
it is wrong it will think it has a slide gate, but is
easy to fix.

Mark IIIs can be much cheaper, and make sense for some
applications.  If you have someone to tweak it, they
can look pretty decent.  They sometimes sell for the
price of a tube. 

I agree that it is best, especially with a Mark III,
to have a color corrector that has worked with it in
the past because Mark IIIs are a bit trickier to

I have seen instances where the great rooms with the
best machines driven by some can look worse than funky
old Mark III rooms in the hands of those who truly
know what they are doing. 

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