[tig] Rank Cintel Mark III experiences

Stuart Fyvie stuart.fyvie
Tue Sep 23 19:14:50 BST 2003

On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 09:54  am, Sean McKee wrote:

> This has been said before, but our clients
> have echoed the sentiment that "it looks more like film". I myself have
> noticed that the Spirit will enhance (which in our line of work is not
> good) scratches and film defects, and we are all about removing those
> defects.
Sorry, but a Spirit (and to be fair a C-reality/Millenium) will out 
perform a MKIII in every respect.
I suspect that your clients preferred the MKIII because they saw noise 
and equated that
with 'filmic' pictures. If anything a Spirit will mask base scratches 
due to its diffuse light
  For archiving purposes it is best to pull as much detail from the film 
with as little noise
as possible. (mpeg/DVD compression chews up bit-rate on noisy video.)
  I have used MKIII's and Spirits on many film-stocks and have never 
seen a result where
the Spirit lost out to a MKIII.

I don't work for Thomson, I have just used there equipment etc.

Stuart Fyvie
Resolution tv

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