[tig] Rank Cintel Mark III experiences

Sean McKee sean
Tue Sep 23 20:53:41 BST 2003

Like I said, I didn't want to start a subjective battle on what is better. I
just said its what my clients liked, and it was shown to them without them
knowing which machines were involved in the test.

Sean McKee
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On 9/23/03 1:14 PM, "Stuart Fyvie" <stuart.fyvie at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 09:54  am, Sean McKee wrote:
>> This has been said before, but our clients
>> have echoed the sentiment that "it looks more like film". I myself have
>> noticed that the Spirit will enhance (which in our line of work is not
>> good) scratches and film defects, and we are all about removing those
>> defects.
> Sorry, but a Spirit (and to be fair a C-reality/Millenium) will out
> perform a MKIII in every respect.
> I suspect that your clients preferred the MKIII because they saw noise
> and equated that
> with 'filmic' pictures. If anything a Spirit will mask base scratches
> due to its diffuse light
> source.
> For archiving purposes it is best to pull as much detail from the film
> with as little noise
> as possible. (mpeg/DVD compression chews up bit-rate on noisy video.)
> I have used MKIII's and Spirits on many film-stocks and have never
> seen a result where
> the Spirit lost out to a MKIII.
> I don't work for Thomson, I have just used there equipment etc.
> Stuart Fyvie
> Resolution tv

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