[tig] Thomson/Grass Valley Support Issues

Neil B. Feldman NeilF
Tue Sep 23 22:51:09 BST 2003

At 02:21 PM 9/23/2003, jeffh wrote:

>I think the answer here is to better educate the people you
>hire; you can't expect a receptionist (for example) that you
>have just hired to know everything about the company they have
>just started working for - especially when it is a technically
>oriented hands-on-learning field such as this...but you can
>teach the person some basic principals about the company's
>services, as opposed to simply placing them behind a desk
>with a phone on their first day, and saying, "to answer, press
>the green button."  Is that really too much to ask?

Since this thread began by a specific posting by our Chief Engineer, I 
think it only appropriate to further clarify the initial events as they 
actually transpired:

7:45am Friday, August 29th:  Thompson/Grass Valley was called.  The number 
called was the "official" number furnished by Thompson/Grass Valley. Yet 
the person who answered the phone had no idea what a Spirit Datacine was 
and wanted to know if "this was an emergency."  A Service Call number was 
then issued and we were told that we would receive a call from a Service 

9:00am Friday, August 29th:  Having heard nothing by 9am (over 2 hours 
later), another call was made to check on the status of the service 
call.  We were then informed that a Service Engineer would call as soon as 
one became available.  The message center had no information as to who 
would be calling or at what time that call might be made.  This from a 
company that now carries the Grass Valley name, no less!

10am Friday, August 29th:  A Service Engineer finally called to begin 

But -- it was only downhill from there... (you can refer to our original 
posting or contact us directly for the rest of the sordid details)...

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but we spent well over $1.5 million 
in the purchase of our original Spirit over 5 years ago.

And then last week I returned from IBC impressed by the speed of the new 
Thompson/GV Spirit 4K (4K data scans were accomplished at 8 FPS).  But I 
will be damned to invest in any product and/or company that cannot maintain 
and properly support a device that costs so much (or even a device that 
costs very little, for that matter).  When I make a purchase I expect the 
company selling it to become a "partner" in my business so to speak.  I 
really don't give a rat's ass if that company has been flipped, 
re-purchased, renamed, or otherwise compromised in the years since we might 
have decided to "invest" our future in their product.

So, any ideas on how much Thompson/Grass Valley is expecting any one of us 
to plunk down for their latest machine?  It is even more than what it cost 
5 years ago.  Now reflect again about how much more it will really cost to 
service such a device over the course of its lifetime when you have a 
company that does not know how or why to properly support its customers...

I am afraid that this has very little to do with poorly trained Receptionists.

Financially yours,

Neil Feldman
Video Post & Transfer, Inc
Dallas, Texas

P.S.  These opinions are purely my own of course.  I don't speak for any 
manufacturer.  I am sure they are grateful for that.  :)

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