[tig] Thomson/Grass Valley Support Issues

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Sep 23 23:56:20 BST 2003

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 02:21:44PM -0400, jeffh wrote:
> smaller companies that are more "user friendly" gain 
> government incentives in order to compete, thereby making
> it easier (in a way) on consumers, and forcing the large
> corporations to be more flexible and consumer-oriented?


> Problem there, is that gets away from one of the basic 
> principals of democracy (ugh - I hope I am not starting
> a political debate here).  The principal is that of free
> enterprise - a corporation gets to run itself how it chooses

i know what you?re saying but would only clarify that I?ve
come to appreciate the differences between democracy and
capitalism, that they?re not necessarily the same, and that
controls on capitalism are ultimately necessary (viz:
antitrust legislation).  But this is in the nature of a more
esoteric debate than probably we have the space or spirit
for (e.g.  it can turn into a rank discussion) .  

This is only my humble opinion and not the opinion of the
TIG at large nor probably of most of the subscribers,
forgive me for starting this.

:] Rob Lingelbach
tig founder; colorist; unix admin

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