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Clark Bierbaum clark
Wed Sep 24 04:06:44 BST 2003

	If you have a chance check out DAV's Cineglyph http://www.dav-inc.com 
- an IMPRESSIVE machine at a REALISTIC cost.  You can also get the guy 
who developed it on the phone - like the old days!  The only negative 
is that they don't own a competing facility that YOU get to support ;-)

Tired of BullS%^t and Hype,

Clark Bierbaum
Senior Colorist / Finishing Artist
The Film Foundry
Charlotte, NC
clark at thefilmfoundry.com

Disclaimer - The views I express are my own - the pictures tell the 
story.  Potential Cineglph buyer and someone who respects SMART 
engineering and a clean, sharp picture.  Dave bought me lunch once but 
no drinks.  The no drink thing will change when we become customers!!!

P.S.  If you find a client willing to REALLY(not a test and true 
capital costs covered) pay for 4K DI then please post to this list - 
I'll buy you some Makers Mark.

On Tuesday, Sep 23, 2003, at 17:51 US/Eastern, Neil B. Feldman wrote:

> At 02:21 PM 9/23/2003, jeffh wrote:
> I think the answer here is to better educate the people you
> hire; you can't expect a receptionist (for example) that you
> have just hired to know everything about the company they have
> just started working for - especially when it is a technically
> oriented hands-on-learning field such as this...but you can
> teach the person some basic principals about the company's
> services, as opposed to simply placing them behind a desk
> with a phone on their first day, and saying, "to answer, press
> the green button."? Is that really too much to ask?
> Since this thread began by a specific posting by our Chief Engineer, I 
> think it only appropriate to further clarify the initial events as 
> they actually transpired:
> 7:45am Friday, August 29th:? Thompson/Grass Valley was called.? The 
> number called was the "official" number furnished by Thompson/Grass 
> Valley. Yet the person who answered the phone had no idea what a 
> Spirit Datacine was and wanted to know if "this was an emergency."? A 
> Service Call number was then issued and we were told that we would 
> receive a call from a Service Engineer.
> 9:00am Friday, August 29th:? Having heard nothing by 9am (over 2 hours 
> later), another call was made to check on the status of the service 
> call.? We were then informed that a Service Engineer would call as 
> soon as one became available.? The message center had no information 
> as to who would be calling or at what time that call might be made.? 
> This from a company that now carries the Grass Valley name, no less!
> 10am Friday, August 29th:? A Service Engineer finally called to begin 
> troubleshooting.?
> But -- it was only downhill from there... (you can refer to our 
> original posting or contact us directly for the rest of the sordid 
> details)...
> Now I don't know about the rest of you, but we spent well over $1.5 
> million in the purchase of our original Spirit over 5 years ago.
> And then last week I returned from IBC impressed by the speed of the 
> new Thompson/GV Spirit 4K (4K data scans were accomplished at 8 FPS).? 
> But I will be damned to invest in any product and/or company that 
> cannot maintain and properly support a device that costs so much (or 
> even a device that costs very little, for that matter).? When I make a 
> purchase I expect the company selling it to become a "partner" in my 
> business so to speak.? I really don't give a rat's ass if that company 
> has been flipped, re-purchased, renamed, or otherwise compromised in 
> the years since we might have decided to "invest" our future in their 
> product.
> So, any ideas on how much Thompson/Grass Valley is expecting any one 
> of us to plunk down for their latest machine?? It is even more than 
> what it cost 5 years ago.? Now reflect again about how much more it 
> will really cost to service such a device over the course of its 
> lifetime when you have a company that does not know how or why to 
> properly support its customers...
> I am afraid that this has very little to do with poorly trained 
> Receptionists.
> Financially yours,
> Neil Feldman
> President
> Video Post & Transfer, Inc
> Dallas, Texas
> P.S.? These opinions are purely my own of course.? I don't speak for 
> any manufacturer.? I am sure they are grateful for that.? :)
> ?
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