[tig] Thomson/Grass Valley Support Issues

David Keleshian turnto
Wed Sep 24 04:34:45 BST 2003

As a Colorist who operates a Cineglyph on a daily
basis I feel this is a great place to chime in. 
 I must say that I am constantly amazed with the
performance of the machine; as far as reliability is
concerned the Cineglyph is as solid as a rock.
 I have seen the Cineglyph create incredible images.
The 65mm images are breathtaking 35mm is equal to or
better than a Spirit and in 16mm nothing comes close.
 If you are interested in versatility and cost
effectiveness a Cineglyph is your ONLY choice!
David Keleshian
Freelance Colorist
Presently at Crest National Digital Media Complex
Disclaimer - The views I express are solely my own. 
Dave bought once bought me a Highball made with Crown
Royal at the Burbank Moose lodge but that has in no
way influenced my opinion of his machine.

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