[tig] OH those fun Telecine debates

Clark Bierbaum clark
Wed Sep 24 05:37:57 BST 2003

	 No debate - I run an iQ and it is the future - DI is here today!  My 
only question was about the viability of 4K res today -not in three 
years when you need to have equipment you purchase today paid off.

	I have seen very few SYSTEMS for DI - only one in fact -iQ.  Many 
people are producing color-correction software and then you get to 
build a system.  I also think a fast scanner is the way to go 
eventually but a 2K TK still is very versatile and can pay its note if 
priced right and the picture shines.

	Would love to hear more about IBC!  Did anyone see Apples Pixlet HD 
technology??  Happy Coloring!  Editors and compositors - always seek 
professional help as it's not as easy as colorists make it look!!

Always Learning,

Clark Bierbaum
Senior Colorist / Finishing Artist
The Film Foundry
Charlotte, NC
clark at thefilmfoundry.com

P.S. Go Cubs but remember the World (US) Series goes through Atlanta :-)

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