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Craig Nichols craig_nichols
Wed Sep 24 05:38:41 BST 2003

I saw some 65mm Cineglyph HD images around June that
were really incredible. The film I saw transferred on
the Cineglyph had elephants grazing in a green grassy
plain.  Even though they were off in the distance, you
could see the caked on mud and hair and wrinkles on
their skin. The grassy plain had many subtly different
shades of green that came through beautifully.  The
blue sky looked natural and quiet. It was definitely
the best 65mm transfer I have ever seen.

Insert std disclaimer here...I once had the pleasure
of working with and learning a lot from Dave Walker
(AME), but my opinions are strictly my own.

Craig "Descent Media" Nichols

--- David Keleshian <turnto at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> ---
> Support the TIG.  (see below)
> thanks to Dave Corbitt.
> ---
> As a Colorist who operates a Cineglyph on a daily
> basis I feel this is a great place to chime in. 

Craig Nichols
Precipice Media Engineering
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