[tig] Re: Rank Cintel Mark III experiences

Javier Lopez - Madrid Film javier.lopez
Wed Sep 24 11:35:28 BST 2003

Dear Andreas,

  I think you have already received a lot of very expertise information
about your
 question, but I would like adding my humble opinion.
 Actually we haven't ever had a Mark III but we have a DSX and we had a
 for sometime. Behaviour of CRT on these machines is much better than on
 CRT telecines. As much more expertise people than me wrote replying to your
 you should be aware of CRT aging a good test is comparing same picture on
 days to see CRT aligning keeps same quality.
 Another point is the class of jobs you want telecine for therefore the
quality you are aiming.
 Another point is which controller or color corrector you are going to use
with it. Personally
 I do not like Meta Speed servo very much, when we had Rascal and we
controlled it from
 our Pogle, we had to change Edit setup quite often and we could not have
same settings
 for 35 and 16 mm -and Pogle can not store different setups for each of
them. I have been
 told that if you control it with a da Vinci and because it also takes count
of Meta Speed,
 therefore there is not such problem.

 This little thing I can supply to all you have already received.


        Javier Lopez

P.S.: By the way, thank you to all the people who reply me regarding a
question I posted
 in July about new HD standards and old european Eureka HD standard. I took
 few days later so I could not thank you.

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> Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 10:13:44 +0200
> To: tig at tig.colorist.org
> From: Andreas =?iso-8859-1?Q?Wider=F8e?= Andersen <awand at pragma.no>
> Subject: [tig] Rank Cintel Mark III experiences
> Dear list readers,
> I was wondering if those of you who have used a Rank Cintel Mark III
> telecine machine could please comment on the following things:
> Rank Cintel MarkII:
> -------------------
> Reliability: How reliable is this machine in terms of uptime and faults?
> Maintenence costs: I've been reading about the CRTs. Are these machines
> really that expensive to operate? Are there other components that must be
> changed regulary? Some people I've talked to tell me they're more reliable
> than most people say. Comments?
> Operation: I have close to no experience with these machines. Are there
> things I should take into serious consideration in terms of
> of operation before buying one?
> Output quality: Will it output top SD quality meaning things are more up
> the colourist than the machine?
> Do they require other power input than what's normal in an office
> Ie. 220/230v in Norway?
> Should I get on of these? Why/Why not?
> What are the different versions of the MarkIII and which should I go for
> I choose a MarkIII?
> My budget can get me a well fitted MarkIII with a S8mm gate or a less
> fitted URSA maybe. Pros/Cons between these besides the URSA is newer? I do
> need a S8mm gate though...
> Thanks for your time!
> Best regards,
> Andreas

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