[tig] OH those fun Telecine debates

Craig Leffel craig
Wed Sep 24 12:24:55 BST 2003

Quoting Clark Bierbaum <clark at thefilmfoundry.com>:

> Craig,
> 	 No debate - I run an iQ and it is the future - DI is here today!  My 
> only question was about the viability of 4K res today -not in three 
> years when you need to have equipment you purchase today paid off.

Hello Clark!

Well there I go again, an idiot in full bloom. I wish TIG posts came with 
little embedded resumes so we could find out a little more about the poster and 
figure out what they are working on.... So, for information's sake... how do 
you get images into your particular Q-color? Do you guys have a telecine or a 
scanner? Are you working on shows and editing and coloring, or are you a 
colorist inserted into the process? Since I've proven I'm in no mental capacity 
to really talk intellegently on IBC ( I just got back from Europe Sunday 
night... and went to work on some long days starting Monday) I think 
I'll "digest" IBC a little more before I start talking about ingesting and the 
whole gamut of software based CC. Just remember that "ingest" was the big 10 
dollar word at IBC......

As for paying for machines you buy today -- that's what amortization tables are 
for my friend... how many years do you think it's going to take to pay it off 
before it's obsolete? it's legalized gambling for facility owners.

Have fun,

Craig Leffel

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