[tig] OH those fun Telecine debates

David L. Tosh dlt
Wed Sep 24 17:05:04 BST 2003

>with the TWiki-tig you can build your own resum? with photos and
>files and whatever.. i?ll think about how it might be
>possible to put links to the poster?s TWiki-tig home in the
>main TIG mailinglist propagation, it?s a good idea.

I doubt that it is possible to automatically append a TIG 
subscriber's TWiki user name to postings (we don't keep track of real 
names on the mailman list) and a subscription to the TIG is not 
required to register on the TIG TWiki.

But there's nothing stopping contributors from adding the link to 
their TWiki user page in a signature.

David Tosh
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