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In response to this discussion, anyone wanting additional information
on the DAV Cineglyph HD Telecine, the only telecine to date to have
transferred native 65-70MM 15-perf film directly to HD (24P) for
commercial broadcast (at Crest National Laboratories in Los Angeles),
please contact me off list:  redw at sedona.net or 928-821-0121, or visit
our website:  www.dav-inc.com.

Thank you,

Ralph Edwards
Representing Cineglyph HD for DAV

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> I saw some 65mm Cineglyph HD images around June that
> were really incredible. The film I saw transferred on
> the Cineglyph had elephants grazing in a green grassy
> plain.  Even though they were off in the distance, you
> could see the caked on mud and hair and wrinkles on
> their skin. The grassy plain had many subtly different
> shades of green that came through beautifully.  The
> blue sky looked natural and quiet. It was definitely
> the best 65mm transfer I have ever seen.
> Insert std disclaimer here...I once had the pleasure
> of working with and learning a lot from Dave Walker
> (AME), but my opinions are strictly my own.
> Craig "Descent Media" Nichols
> --- David Keleshian <turnto at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
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>> Support the TIG.  (see below)
>> thanks to Dave Corbitt.
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>> As a Colorist who operates a Cineglyph on a daily
>> basis I feel this is a great place to chime in.
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