[tig] tig contributions

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Sep 25 04:33:50 BST 2003

Apologies for having to bang the drum here a little but if
you are getting good value from the TIG and can spare a
little change for a good cause, donations are needed.  I
currently have to pay for internet access a not
inconsiderable sum, and also exchange a couple of hours
working every day on the machines at CalArts in order to
maintain the right to host the TIG and its domain there
where it can take advantage of an academic environment and a
fast and reliable connection.

I much appreciate any consideration that subscribers can
give to this.. there is an interface for credit cards at 
http://tig.colorist.org/mailman/listinfo/tig at the bottom,
the "make a donation" button.

feel free to ask me for more details and thank you to the
people who have contributed.  (Dave Tosh and Rich Torpey
have spent what is even more valuable, their time, in
helping with the TIG.)

Rob Lingelbach
TIG founder; colorist; unix admin

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