[tig] OH those fun Telecine debates

Craig Nichols craig_nichols
Thu Sep 25 09:06:28 BST 2003

Please indulge two questions. Is there a "Moore's Law"
concerning new telecine technology and obsolesce? ;-)
And, is there sometimes a subtle difference between
"legalized gambling" and extortion for facility owners
concerning future viability and survivability of
technology purchases? Oops! I just thought of one
more. Is there anything like "Vaporware insurance"?

Craig Nichols
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--- Craig Leffel <craig at optimus.com> wrote:
> As for paying for machines you buy today -- that's
> what amortization tables are for my friend... how 
> many years do you think it's
> going to take to pay it off 
> before it's obsolete? it's legalized gambling for
> facility owners.
> Have fun,
> Craig Leffel
> Optimus
> Chicago

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