[tig] Acterna (parent of daVinci) to emerge from chapter 11

jeffh jeffh
Fri Sep 26 00:30:06 BST 2003

Ok, that's good news, I guess.  Right?  

But not being a business major here, I have to inquire...
what happens to daVinci, if the parent company goes belly
up?  Does someone else (hopefully) buy it?  Or can daVinci
function as it's own entity? As I do not work for daVinci,
nothing that happens would affect me directly, at least not
right away. But my concern here is the industry in general...
I am going to assume that there will always be a demand for
color correctors and the like, but if one of the leaders in
that field goes under, that has to take a toll on the industry
and the people that work within it - eventually, anyway. Does
anyone else see a potential problem here? Or should I just 
quit being a worry-wart?


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