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lunarfilms lunarfilms
Mon Sep 29 06:30:51 BST 2003

At 05:58 PM 9/28/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>1. The Metaspeed Line timebase is far superior to the
>orignial. I have seen the vertical line problem
>before, and it is usually caused by bad components in
>the vertical ramp generator on the card.  I would
>stick with the Metaspeed card.

I have several solutions to this, but the metaspeed needs to go into the 
other TK, which has a Sunburst and many other mods (Unimedia turbo) I have 
the original Unimedia Line Timebase which I am going to get to work there.

>2. On the line timebase cards, I have always replaced
>the "notorious" diode (even if it tested good), and
>all the TO3 case transistors.  This usually solves the
>problem.  I've been told that is also possible to
>troubleshoot the board on the bench with a dummy load
>consisting of a 120V 150 Watt lamp as an output load.
>A ramp can be applied to the 772 board input using a
>function generator.  I also had a troublesome machine
>that blew up these boards, but the fault was a little
>piece of burnt wirewound resistor that fell into one
>of the tube rack Macmurdo connectors. The resitor that
>burnt was the droping resistor for the 70vdc line, and
>may be R1, possibly.  It is located in the rear right
>side of the machine usually.

With the Line timebase card removed the supply, FS1, and R1 stay intact so 
it seems to be in the card (we checked line voltages with the card removed 
and with another card which has other problems than the Diode and TO-3 

>3. The best aftermarket approach to solving these
>machines considerably is to find a used Digital
>Deflection System (made by DAV).  It replaces all of
>the EHT and tube rack scan boards, and improves the
>focus and depth of focus modulation, and reliablity.

I think we would eventually like to get this for both TK's as it would be 
nice to have both running.

>4. The "blowing out" of the green channel sounds to me
>like it could be a bad PEC, or preamp.  If it is
>possible to obtain Ursa (ok) or Twiggi (best) preamps,
>the signal to noise will improve.

I switched the PEC boards and tried the ones from the Unimedia with no 
difference I think it is a preamp.

>5. These machines can be improved further if you can
>find a set of DAV Accuglow boards to replace the
>Cintel Afterglow boards.  The set also has a burn
>corrector card that is superior to any other ever used
>on the Mark III.

The second MKIII, Unimedia with the Sunburst has many mods

>I also know of a few decent Ursa Diamond Telecines
>that could probably be purchased for somewhere around
>$100K.  There is also a mostly working Mark III Turbo
>that has most of the above mentioned mods that is
>sitting in Ascent Media Storage in Burbank.  They
>might be convinced to sell it cheap.  I can probably
>help you accomplish this if you are interested.
>Well as much as I would love to be in the position to get a "newer" 
>machine Cinelab is not. In fact the lab is the only film processing outfit 
>in New England, and is just coming on line with TK. Also there are some 
>excellent machines in Boston and the ride to Fall River makes it unwise to 
>attempt to compete with Boston.

The machine in question is substantially unmodified and Dubner based, the 
lab just really needs initially to offer schools transfer with the 
processing. I have a plan to offer schools direct to Hard Disk transfer (in 
DV format) from the Dubner MKIII so the footage can be directly dropped 
into a AvidXpressDV or Final Cut editor with no capture.

The second machine will take a little longer to come on line but it is a 
Unimedia Turbo with a Sunburst and metaspeed. This makes me a little Juicy 
for my own work, even though I know it will not replace a experienced 
Colorist and a better machine with a DaVinci etc. It has the potential to 
be good and get me hands on.

Right now though I just need to get at least one machine on line as I feel 
it is essential to the lab's survival these days.



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