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   1. Kodak Telecine Tool Kit available (new) (Rob Lingelbach)


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:36:01 -0700
From: Rob Lingelbach <rob at calarts.edu>
To: tig-announce at snowball.calarts.edu
Subject: [Tig-announce] Kodak Telecine Tool Kit available (new)

I have a Kodak Telecine Tool Kit available, in new condition
(not used).  I believe this kit, first made available in
1996-7, is no longer available for purchase.  I think it
originally cost around $600.  I would like to get $350, and
the description follows (also available at

the sale of the Kit will help support the TIG.

please contact me at rob at colorist.org or
+55 11 9413 2897
--Rob Lingelbach
TIG coadmin-founder, unix admin, telecine


     Kodak Telecine Analysis Films
     Kodak Telecine Exposure Calibration (TEC) Films
     TEC Film Conversion Tables
     User's guides for all the tools

     KODAK Telecine Exposure Calibration  (TEC) Film

A three-density calibration film to set up the telecine to
evaluate exposure and provide cinematographers with telecine
transfer points similar to printer points from the film lab.
IRE values and voltages read from the gray card are
converted to telecine transfer points using the Kodak
conversion tables.  Transfer points can also be determined
automatically using Aaton's GrayFinder or Rank's TKG.
Formats: One 35mm and one 16mm TEC film for Kodak Vision and
EXR films.  One 35mm and one 16mm TEC film for Kodak
Primetime films.

     KODAK Telecine Analysis Film (TAF)

TAF has been redesigned and improved to provide engineers
with a solid analytical reference for telecine setup and
maintenance.  For colorists, the new TAF provides a baseline
for setting up TEC film and a good starting point for
grading.  Formats: (35mm and 16mm) One TAF for Kodak Vision
and EXR films.  One TAF for Kodak Primetime films.  One TAF
for Kodak Teleprint films.  One TAF  for Kodak EXR master
positive films.


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