[tig] Donna and Peter from Options

Craig Leffel craig
Thu Apr 1 01:54:00 BST 2004

Hello everyone.

I've gotten a response from Donna and she is very touched at the offer. I'm 
also heartened by the number of you that offered financial support. You have 
big hearts my friends.

There's only one problem. I haven't yet been able to find any info on a 
telecine-style bash. With all the DI work being done and talked about, it 
seems that a "Telecine Fun Night" might be getting a little weathered. Can 
anyone tell me if something has been planned and is open to all telecine type 

Also, since folks offered to chip in, I would think we can send Donna, Peter, 
and pick up a hotel. In Donna's note she just mentions herself, and she says 
she only wants to stay for a day, so as not to take advantage. I'm going to 
have my researcher ( and lovely ) wife take a stab at Planefare and hotels... 
anyone who can offer pointers, help, deals, etc... would be greatly 

Thanks again to all the TIG. Truely a great resource, and one that does not 
forget it's own. Options did quite a bit for many of us in need, when the 
only "options" were big telecine manufacturers who did not neccessarily have 
the best interests of colorists in mind. They also offered many niche 
companies and garage engineers the chance to market their products. I am 
deeply in their grattitude and always will be.

If you have news please repsond either to the TIG or my Optimus email ASAP.


Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist / Partner

craig at optimus.com

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