[tig] White balancing, DVDs

jeffh jeffh
Thu Apr 1 23:27:38 BST 2004

All right ? I probably should know this, and I think I do,
but I am going to ask anyway (uhh, no such thing as a 
stupid question, right?  lol)  What exactly is the ?art? of 
white balancing; how is it done?  I *think* I understand it 
in theory ? using the primaries to get the whites to look 
white before anything else (no?) - but what exactly is the 
process?  Use TAF?  Grey scale?  Eyeball it?  Anything
one should be looking at on the scopes? What if 
you have no grey scale/chart, or any other means of 
aligning (talking workprint here)?

Secondly, can someone suggest a good DVD or two to 
get that would be good to use as a  compare to a 
workpicture xfer?  I am looking for something that has 
good flesh tone, some bright/outdoor scenes, and some 
dark/indoor scenes, that I can use as a point of reference.  
I know what looks good to me, but was hoping to get a 
few suggestions from some of you pros out there.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Jeff/Sound One 

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