[tig] HDnet You gotta read this!!!

James DeLuca james_deluca
Thu Apr 1 23:36:21 BST 2004

>it is interesting to look at opinion polls to see how the results reflect an agenda hidden or blatant, and this HD video vs. film question seems to be in that direction.

This is mean to be part of the Mark Cuban HDTV vs film discussion.
720P/59.94 ought to look somewhat better than 1080i/59.94 when viewing content acquired at that rate when viewed on a true 59.94P display, without ANY resolution translations along the way. Isn't the improvement in temporal resolution obvious, even in SD as captured by the super-slomo camera/recorder setups used for sports coverage. I can't help but think the viewer is more interested in seeing detail with high contrast because of the intense focus on the action of the games, whereas feature film watchers being usually less intensely focused, can stop and smell the pretty pictures of 24 frame material.
Progressive 3:2 DVD playback aside, whatever became of the idea of watching 24 frame material on displays with 72Hz (3x) refresh rates? I know you gotta' have a framestore, but don't all PIP equipped sets have those already?
And, yes I know there's no HDTV 24 frame transmission standard, but surely we can all agree to lose the 3:2 effect on the display. Actually, wouldn't we really just have to stretch the 2 of 3:2 to become 3:3, that should add 12 to 60 to make 72hz.
Most of this is off-the-cuff, so feel free to whop me upside of the head if I'm way off here.

Jim DeLuca
Crest National, Video Lab

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