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Martin Euredjian ecinema
Fri Apr 2 00:22:45 BST 2004

James DeLuca wrote:

> whatever became of the idea of watching 24 frame material on displays with
72Hz (3x) refresh rates?

A few current problems with 72Hz:

1- Available interconnect standards don't support the bandwidth

2- Clock rates are significantly higher, demanding much more expensive
design methodologies as well as high-cost chips

3- There are no off-the-shelf devices that can do it, therefore, everything
is custom, which means expensive.

4- Up and coming LCD display technologies can barely do 60Hz legitimately,
much less 72Hz (due to pixel response time).

5- On a number of display technologies it becomes a tradeoff between frame
rate and such things as dynamic range, average brightness, viewing angle,
scan precision, etc.

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