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James DeLuca james_deluca
Fri Apr 2 00:29:13 BST 2004

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>didn?t Johnny Carson claim that Sendak or Kendrak or whatever was the name of the seer-prophet he played came from the planet Chyron?  

I think that was Karnak the Great (spelling?)

> "dve" unless one counts the sometimes interesting things the Chyron 3 could do with do loops.
> The story in Greek Mythology of Chiron educating Achilles is better than do loops in my humble opinion.

DO Loops: I missed that earlier, but they were part of the AUTO-DISPLAY feature of the Chyron IV and 4100, 4100EXB. Another, but newer, machine than I was addressing. That feature may have been called Program-Sequence-Control (PSC).
They used to do some interesting things with color-palette cycling (they called it animation!). But again more off-topic reminiscing.
The Chyron IV also used the proprietary-formatted 8" diskettes, but most field engineers "loaned" their customers the program disk to format their own.
I love the standardized PC file-system formats we take for granted, but we never had BSOD or crashing problems - I guess you win some and lose some.

Jim 'Doc Chiron' DeLuca
Crest National

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