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James DeLuca james_deluca
Fri Apr 2 00:55:24 BST 2004

James DeLuca wrote:
whatever became of the idea of watching 24 frame material on displays with
72Hz (3x) refresh rates?

Martin Euredjian - eCinema Systems, Inc. responded:

A few current problems with 72Hz:
1- Available interconnect standards don't support the bandwidth
2- Clock rates are significantly higher, demanding much more expensive
design methodologies as well as high-cost chips
3- There are no off-the-shelf devices that can do it, therefore, everything
is custom, which means expensive.
4- Up and coming LCD display technologies can barely do 60Hz legitimately,
much less 72Hz (due to pixel response time).
5- On a number of display technologies it becomes a tradeoff between frame
rate and such things as dynamic range, average brightness, viewing angle,
scan precision, etc.

I saw your website with the Apple Cinema LCD display vs. Sony BVM-D23E1
I was favorably impressed. I assume your EC100 device is an HD-SDI input to monitor interface with minimal manipulation of the pixels (except for possible color-space matching via LUT?). We have those Sony monitors, and they do arrive poorly set-up and (our monitor tech tells me) they have some circuit problems that require slight modification to look their best (but I don't know if he does those mod's or is just talking about something he has heard - did someone say HEARSAY?). We don't have a zone plate generator, but did consider making a HDD5 recording of one for less-than-critical evaluations, but I know the D5's compression may make the resulting playback less than useful.
I wonder if the purchase price of a real zone-plate signal is cost effective?
Anyone use one often enough to justify purchase?

I think my PC graphics card/monitor display can run at 1600 x 1200 at 72Hz.
How expensive are they?
But as CRT displays seem to be fading (what with Sony shutting down 17" & under CRT mfrg) I thought that LCD and LCD projection systems would gladly operate at a native 24Hz rate since the refresh rate is for updating the display data rather than refreshing the phosphors.

Jim Deluca
Crest National

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