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Craig Leffel craig
Fri Apr 2 01:25:37 BST 2004


As usual, I've gone and thrown common sense out the window. Guess I should
have made sure there was going to be some sort of telecine gathering. I
could have sworn I remembered something else going on. As it stands, I don't
think Donna or Peter will make it if there's no event for us ( even in
absentia ) in which to toast them.

Thanks again to those of you who offered help. Very nice of you indeed. I'm
at a bit of a loss because there's not much I can do to organize if I'm not
going to be there....

Should anyone want to get in touch with them, let me know. I don't feel
comfortable putting their email out just at the moment.


Craig Leffel

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thanks to Hans Lehman for supporting the TIG.

On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 06:54:00PM -0600, Craig Leffel wrote:
> There's only one problem. I haven't yet been able to find any info on a
> telecine-style bash. With all the DI work being done and talked about, it
> seems that a "Telecine Fun Night" might be getting a little weathered. Can
> anyone tell me if something has been planned and is open to all telecine
> folk...?

we telecine types as well weather don?t we Craig :]

I spent a lot of time trying to arrange the TFN 04 at Las
Vegas, including bunches of phone calls from S?o Paulo to
various people and companies starting back in October 2003..
It didn?t work out this year for several reasons, sorry


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