[tig] HDnet You gotta read this!!!

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Fri Apr 2 03:34:36 BST 2004

James DeLuca wrote:

> We have those Sony monitors, and they do arrive poorly set-up and
> they have some circuit problems that require slight modification to look
their best

The problem is that they don't get significantly better and KEEPING them
there is just about impossible.

> We don't have a zone plate generator, but did consider making a HDD5
recording of one for less-than-critical evaluations, but I know the D5's
compression may make the resulting playback less than useful.
I wonder if the purchase price of a real zone-plate signal is cost
Anyone use one often enough to justify purchase?

I highly recommend the OmniGen product.  It's a card that goes inside a PC.
Depending on options it is in the $10K to $15K range.  I'm just a happy
customer.  That's all.

I grabbed a single frame of a zone plate and placed it here:

This isn't the best as there is a bit of distortion built into the file.
But, it is interesting to play with.  Use Photoshop (or any other program)
and just zoom in and out.  You'll see how the aliasing patterns change.  You
could load this frame into an HD playback device and send it through a
monitor or any other processing device.  The real deal is better than this,
of course, but this might be something interesting to play with.  A couple
of beers and it's a party.

I'd say that most top-market facilities need to have more advanced test and
evaluation technology than that offered by traditional TSG's.  So, yes, zone
plates would/should be one such tool in the toolbox, in my opinion.

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